Tokyo Escort Agency: Tokyo facts and figures

How it got its name

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and it’s largest city. It was originally called Edo, (which means estuary) and Japanese people often refer to historical times as “Edo”. It’s name was changed to Tokyo, “to” (east) and “kyo” (capital) when it became the imperial capital in 1868.

Tokyo facts and figures

Population of Tokyo

Tokyo’s population is over 12,000,000 also over 2 and a half million people commute into Tokyo everyday making it’s daytime population 14,670,000.

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, the world’s second largest economy. Tokyo is the world’s largest metropolitan economy (it’s 2005 GDP was $1.191). It’s nominal GDP in 2003 was 710 billion USD making it the world’s eighth largest economy after Italy.

Tokyo is officially a Metropolis. Tokyo-to is one of the 47 prefectures in Japan. Tokyo is located on the Eastern side of Honshu (the main island of Japan). Tokyo consists of 23 “special” wards. Each of the 23 wards is governed as a city. The 23 wards which cover an are that was formerly known as “the city of Tokyo” have a population of over 8 million. The population of the prefecture exceeds 12 million. The population of the prefecture is more than 12 miliion. The population of the Greater Tokyo area is 35 million which makes it the world’s most populous metropolitan area!!!.

Tokyo is the seat of the Japanese government and the home of the Japanese Imperial Family.

Symbols of Tokyo

Tokyo’s official flower is the cherry blossom.

Tokyo’s official tree is the Ginko.

Tokyo’s official bird is the Black-headed gull.

The “design” of Tokyo

Central Tokyo, like Osaka, has been designed since about the turn of the century (1900) to be centered around major train stations in a high-density fashion, so suburban railways were built relatively cheaply at street level and with their own right-of-way. This differs from cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles, that are low-density and automobile-centric. Though expressways have been built in Tokyo, the basic design has not changed.

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